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We are who we are today, because of our top-notch service. And it’s our continued efficient service that’ll bring us more loyal clients, partners and employees to our doorstep. So, we’ll make sure to always stay ahead of the curve, and forever offer the best services possible.

Land Procurement

Our business revolves around land. Acquisition of land is the starting point of our trade. Hence, we make sure that we do it lawfully and acquire land peacefully from seller by doing the needful. It’s our successful negotiation policy that has made us a very successful land developer over the years. It’s our good relationship with both our customers and primary landowners that has made us a trustworthy player in the segment.

Infrastructure Development

This is the second stage in our line of work. This stage takes the most time and our expertise, to truly transform a piece of land. Since we’ve been doing this for over a decade now, we’ve our own set of vendors, sub-contractors and engineers, who’ve assisted us for this period. It’s this tight-knit team that helps us complete this important phase timely and successfully, every single time.

Amenities Development

From laying the path from main road to the property, laying roads within the premises, fencing the property, installing light poles, making gutters, providing water and electric connections, planting trees, building clubhouse, swimming pool, creating children’s play area, to providing security, we facilitate our projects with a range of amenities and facilities. In certain projects amenities may go up or down depending on the scale of the project. Moving further we’ll also be constructing villas, in which case amenities will spike and so will our work. What will make this transition smooth is our thorough understanding of the field and our strong bond with our vendors and partners.

Marketing of the Land Developed

Marketing, like in any other segment, plays a vital role in land development segment as well. So, we have a very experienced and skilful team for managing this task. We believe that every piece of land has great potential and it is smart marketing strategies that bring name, fame and valve to it. Our specialized marketing team makes sure to bring our projects to limelight, and while doing so they also end up putting the location on the map, as well.

Assisting Clients in Acquiring Loans

Sri Durga Properties has developed strong bonds with banks over the years. While pushing our business forward with their assistance, we have along the way also gained the banks’ trust. Today, if in case you are looking forward to buy our plot or villa, we can certainly assist you in acquiring loans for the same, with extreme ease. So you don’t end up postponing your plans and dreams. And make the most of our offering when its price is on the pocket-friendly side.

Property Registration Assistance

We take every single step to eliminate the risk of fraud, and to make what’s yours, truly yours. We guide our customers all the way through to owning dispute-free, yet happiness-filled plots. Yes of course, our Executives will assist you during documentation, certification and registration. And if there is any extra assistance you seek then we’re always happy to offer that little extra service. For it’s your satisfaction that matters to us, more than anything else.

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