Born in North Bangalore, Mr. Srinivasa Gowda. N is a humble man, with a humble background, backed by a strong vision and even stronger self belief. It’s visionaries like him who keep the humankind moving forward. It’s people like him who see the future before its time. Hence, they work toward making it a reality and bring smiles to people’s faces with their achievement and offerings. It’s Mr Srinivas’ humble beginning that has motivated him to bring joy and comfort to the middle class people, by offering plots and homes at an affordable price, but of a very high standard. Alongside customers, it’s Investors who he gives top priority to. It’s their trust in him that motivates him to deliver the best result, every single time.

It’s the Chairman and his team of over 90 employees, which mainly consists of an able Vice President, General Manager, Marketing Managers, Human Resource & Admin Manager, Accounts Manager, Legal Advisors, Sales and Service Executives, Architects, Engineers and other office related vital members who complete a strong unit, which has brought both name and reputation to the Company. It’s this dedicated group that has accomplished a great many things and is now fully equipped and ready to take new challenges, in the days to come. No matter where they reach, one thing is sure that they will always be willing to push themselves that extra bit, to make the client, that’s you, always satisfied and happy. For it’s you that completes them. It’s your joy that brings joy and satisfaction to them.

Here we believe our business engagements are relationships, not transactions. Our customer-first philosophy has enabled us to grow lasting relationships. Our 100% transparency policy has made sure that all our clients get 100% satisfaction, every single time. We are different to others, because we do the basics right. For we believe that more than anything else it is trust and timely service that makes any business click. And no matter what heights we reach, we have no plans of altering our basics. We forever like to keep it simple and our clients happy.
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